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  • Material: Poly-Resin / Crystal 
  • Dimensions: Sculpture H18 * W27 * D27 cm / Wood Box H36.5 * W26.5 * D36.5 cm
  • Weight: 8.7kg(19.2 lbs) with wood box and package
  • Edition: 130 pieces
  • COA: Signed and Numbered by artist on Hahnemühle acid free paper

FEELO is the name of the character I've been working on over the past year, a nickname I used to have at school. The inspiration behind FEELO’s style is from looking at fashion blogs to hypebeast kids and to even myself and a teenager and the nickname felt fitting for them. Instead of looking at the world as a whole, I've wanted to focus on this new single character for this show, detailing aspects of their day to day life expressing it through their style and look. --Felix Treadwell

1.All sales are final, We will pack and ship sculptures well and safely, we won’t take any responsibility for shipping or transit caused damage especially shipping boxes. 
2. Limited one sculpture per account and household. We will cancel orders if buyers use any kind of bots which passed our website filter.

Price USD$685