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Arkiv Vilmansa SOLO Exhibition "WOUNDERLAND : A Wounded Wonder"

We are honored to announce that the VINS gallery will have Artist Arkiv Vilmansa’s solo exhibition “WOUNDERLAND : A Wounded Wonder” on July 2 (Sat.) ,2022. This is Arkiv’s first solo exhibition in 2022 and also his first one after 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan. There will be  20 pieces of paintings/drawings, one screenprint and one brand new art toy “Mickiv CMYK”(vinyl and lifesize) debut at the exhibition.

WOUNDERLAND : A Wounded Wonder

This exhibition highlight contrasting relationship of Arkiv’s fun, joyful and colourful imagination with the bleak reality on the first year of our current pandemic life. Served as a personal ‘memento mori’ for the last three years, Wounderland : A Wounded Wonder explore a manifestation of fear, anxiety, precarious future as a glimpse of hope. In a series of paintings with a more cohesive background with its main character. Wounderland have always been a narrative background, a post-apocalyptic realm within Arkiv’s mithical and fantasy world, it was never manifested visually in such detailed ways. WOUNDERLAND: A Wounded Wonder also mark a new artistic direction for Arkiv’s realm Wounderland, as several new entity inspired from popular classic video game, cartoon characters and Indonesian endemic flora emerges. As his first solo show in 2022, WOUNDERLAND: A Wounded Wonder  narrates Arkiv’s new journey on exploring possibilities within Wounderland realm both visually and conceptually.



Arkiv Vilmansa “WOUNDERLAND : A Wounded Wonder” solo exhibition


Opening|7/2 (Sat) 18:00-21:00

Duration|2022/7/2(Sat)- 2022/7/24 (Sun)

Opening Times | 13:00 - 18:00(Mon,Tue Off)

Venue | No.233 Fuxing North Road, 105 Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan


Email for more exhibition preview info.