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VINS Gallery Anniversary Group Show "Decoding"


We are honored to announce that the VINS Gallery will have a one year anniversary group show “DECODING” on July 30th (Sat.) 2022 this summer!! There will be 20 artists who will join us and for sure, so many outstanding artworks will debut at the group show. Don’t miss the chance and join us together!


Artists Lineup (From A to Z)

Andy Rementer (b. 1981, USA)

Arkiv Vilmansa (b. 1979, Indonesia)

Ben Evans (b. 1995, USA)

Bijijoo (b. 1975, USA)

Chizu Wada ( Japan)

Jason Pulgarin (b. 1990, USA)

Juan de la Rica (b. 1979, Spain)

Kai (Japan)

Kenichi Obana 尾花 賢一 (b. 1981, Japan)

Ksusha Lastochka & Maxim Trulov (b. 1991 Russia)

Leo Park (b. 1980, Sweden)

Noah Lubin (b. 1979, USA)

RYOL (b,1993, Indonesia)

Takuya Hirabayashi (Hiraparr) 平林 拓也 (b. 1986, Japan)

Teiji Hayama 葉山 禎治 (b. 1975, Japan)

Yohta Matsuoka (JONJON GREEN) 松岡 洋太 (b. 1978, Japan)

Yosuke Ueno 上野 陽介 (b. 1977, Japan)

Yusuff Aina (b. 1997, Nigerian)

Yusuke Toda 戶田 悠理 (b. 1991, Japan)




VINS Gallery one year anniversary Group Show “DECODING”.


Opening|7/30 (Sat.) 16:00-19:00

Duration|2022/7/30(Sat.)- 2022/8/28 (Sun.)

Opening Times | 13:00 - 18:00( Mon,Tue Off)

Venue | No.233 Fuxing North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan


Email for more group show preview info.