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  • Material: Poly-Resin 
  • Dimensions: Sculpture H 29 * W22 * D22 cm / Wood Box H38 * W24 * D32 cm
  • Shipping Carton Dimension & Weight: 77 * 42 * 46 cm / 18.5 kg (40.8 lbs) 
  • Edition: 150 sets (Two characters as one set)
  • COA: Signed and Numbered by artist and producer


Luh is the Javanese language meaning Tears.Ruh is the Bahasa language meaning Soul/Spirit.

Two children that are sincere and pure. Roby feels that children’s eyes could always remind him of his childhood, which life was simple and yet meaningful back then.  He also believes that childhood is a phase of life which represents innocence and honesty the most.  Children have the most direct emotions, they laugh and cry whenever they want.  On the other hand, they have keen perception that they can sense the environment around them and make decisions real quick.  Growing up, children learn to know the value of life, and understand the meaning of sharing and loving.  During such process, Roby thinks that happiness remains to be the most important thing to stimulate children’s eagernesses to fulfill their lives. --Roby Dwi Antono

1.All sales are final, We will pack and ship sculptures well and safely, we won’t take any responsibility for shipping or transit caused damage especially shipping boxes. 
2. Limited one sculpture per account and household. We will cancel orders if buyers use any kind of bots which passed our website filter.


Price USD$1,600